FREE Coloring Page Downloads!

coloring3 (2) Green Goo 3

Do your kids want another way to interact with our MeeGenius stories? Well, look no further with these FREE downloadable coloring pages from MeeGenius original, “Green Goo” and “Who Are You”!

coloring2 Green Goo 2

coloring1 (9) Green Goo 1

who are you 1

who are you 2

who are you 3

Be sure to check out these two books, available through our website and app!

%22Green Goo%22Green Goo

by Terri Rowe

What on earth is this green goo on this boy’s plate. Can he throw it out the door? If he feeds it to the dog, will the dog turn green? Read along with this funny tale of guacamole and goo!




%22Who Are You?%22Who Are You?

by Terri Rowe

A new girl joins Gus’ class at school, but his friends don’t try very hard to make her feel welcome. Perhaps with some good advice from his Mama, Gus can introduce Marie to his friends in a more positive way!






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