Of Valentines, Love, and Cookies

Valentine-Be Mine

When I think of Valentine’s Day, what comes to mind is not a fancy box of candy, flowers that will soon wilt, or hopes of a fancy dinner and dancing. I immediately see images of candy hearts and sugar cookies dancing before my eyes.

I am reminded of comical little cards shared with whimsical little bears, puppies, and kittens on them that I received from the first people that loved me, parents and grandparents.

Valentine-Candy heart

And it is another day to have the excuse to use my grandmother’s cookies recipe. This recipe is featured in “Who Are You?” and the recipe and cookies have their own special role in this story about a new girl at school.

Like all the stories I write, this one has certain elements that I worked to include. I like there to be a positive message. Yes, each child will face difficulties, but they can be worked through. I like to say something positive about learning through my storytelling, as that has been such an important element of my life’s journey.

And I like to have grown ups in the story that show their care through their actions and words because I believe this type of support is so necessary to a child and family’s well being.

Valentine-Jelly heart

Even though the grandma is not present in the timeline of the story, her influence permeates the tale. I think this is so true of how individuals can impact a child’s life. The things we say and do will have a lasting impact, as do the words we read, write, share, and say to one another.

I was fortunate to hear many words of love as a child by so many people in my life through their reading to me, spending time with me, teaching me, as well as through every day activities such as baking.

Valentine-Tie dye

Wishing you all much love and happiness this Valentine’s Day—may you have time to read each other a story, write each other a note, and make each other a cookie!

(Editor’s Note: “Who Are You?” is available now through our website and app! Be sure to check it out today.)



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