Of Valentines, Love, and Cookies

Valentine-Be Mine

When I think of Valentine’s Day, what comes to mind is not a fancy box of candy, flowers that will soon wilt, or hopes of a fancy dinner and dancing. I immediately see images of candy hearts and sugar cookies dancing before my eyes.

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The MeeGenius Author Challenge: Terri Rowe

One of the great joys of life is you never know when (or where) one of your secret dreams may come true. Often, we think dreams and schemes are just for children, and that “grown-ups” have to put those desires aside and take on the work of adulthood.

I am here to say that old way of thinking just isn’t correct. Our secret desires and dreams can help us find our true path in life, lead us to fulfilling careers and friendships, and identify innate talents that can be used to serve our communities.

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