Meet the Author Challenge Winner, Brenda Sturgis!


We are delighted to announce the Grand Prize Winner, “Touchdown!” by Brenda Sturgis! We had such a hard time deciding on a single winner so MeeGenius is also awarding publishing contracts to all of the finalists! Thanks to everyone who submitted their stories, and special thanks to our guest judges, Terri Rowe and Sally Spratt.

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Author Challenge: Uncovering “Theodore, Adventure Cat” By Maxine Anderson

Nina is a small adventurer with a big imagination. Every day, she reads new stories. Every day, she has new adventures. With her cat, Theodore, at her side, Nina’s imagination winds through exciting journeys, brings her beloved books to life, and continues to expand. But will her imagination go too far when she sets off on an adventure to the library with a reluctant Theodore as her only companion?

Author Challenge: Uncovering “Wild West Weenies” By Patricia Way Medic

Saddle up and join four little weenie dogs on a wild west adventure! While visiting a dude ranch in Wyoming, these pups get to ride horses, herd cattle, wear cowboy hats, and, most importantly, eat some delicious food! But the weenies run into some trouble while chasing down a stray calf and get lost. Will they ever find the calf and make it back to the rest of the herd and prove that they’re true cowboys?

Author Challenge: Uncovering “The World’s Worst Knight” — By Sian Mole

Cedric’s brothers always tell him he’s the world’s worst knight. While they joust and slay dragons, he prefers to play his fiddle. But when three ferocious dragons attack, Cedric’s unusual skill may be the only way to save the day. Will Cedric be able to convince his brothers to change their tune?

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