iPad in the Classroom: Hebrew School

I just got the most perfect present for Chanukah: an iPad! While I am still figuring out what apps fit into my life, I have also been experimenting with how and where to use it.

As I mentioned in an earlier post I teach Hebrew School. Our Hebrew School runs as an after school program. So kids are usually a little tired after a long day of learning. This week I used my newest “toy” to entertain/educate my students.

Since it was Chanukah, I promised them that I would not “teach” them, but instead we would play games and have fun. I started class off by showing the Maccabeats video. It was a great way to get them excited about Chanukah and teach them some Hebrew words and the Chanukah story.

About a half hour later, I “read” them Chanukah not Hanukah. It was exciting for them to see that their teacher wrote a book about them, and it also led to them writing and illustrating their own Chanukah books.

All in all, although it is an expensive tool to use in the classroom, the kids loved it. They were engaged and excited to use the new technology.

I hope everyone had a great Chanukah not Hanukah!