MeeGenius Teams Up With Sesame Street For Exclusive E-Book Partnership!

This morning we are very excited to announce an exclusive partnership with Sesame Workshop to bring six Sesame Street e-book titles to the MeeGenius library! The first release Celebrate School: First Day is available free of charge until September 19th at, with the coupon code “sesame.”

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MeeGenius Introduces PEEP books to the App Store and Web

MeeGenius is thrilled to announce the release of the multi-award winning series – PEEP and the Big Wide World! This announcement comes fresh off the heels of PEEP’s 2012 Emmy Award for Outstanding Children’s Animated Program.

MeeGenius is proud to offer these great titles from this world famous series, including: Shadows, Let’s Explore, Seasons, Animal Homes, and Measuring. MeeGenius fans can now follow Peep, Chirp, and Quack as they investigate and explore the world around them.

The launch of these titles marks a huge milestone for us here at MeeGenius. We strive for nothing but the best for the hundreds of thousands of parents and kids who depend on the MeeGenius catalogue for great books. We’ve signed on almost 1,000 kids’ titles to date and expect that number to grow by leaps and bounds in the coming months.

All PEEP books are now available on the web and via the MeeGenius iPhone and iPad apps. Enjoy!

“Science Rocks” with MeeGenius!

With Hurricane Irene making her way up the East Coast, what better time than now to introduce ABDO’s “Science Rocks!” series. This series “provides a simplified look at earth Science. Dynamic illustrations pop off the page. Science has never been this groovy, and introducing the subject to the next generation of scientists has never been this fun!”- ABDO publishing. Check out the series below!

Science Rocks!
Awesome Air
Crazy About Clouds
Groovy Gravity
Wild Water Cycle
Radical Rocks

To download our newest releases on your device, log into your MeeGenius app and check out the featured books section!

MeeGenius announces two new original works by Mary Ann Mitchell!

Mary Ann Mitchell found MeeGenius early on in our development stages, and we are happy to finally put her books onto our virtual shelves!  Below you’ll find the story behind Mary Ann Mitchell, as well as the stories on how the two pieces above, “Dot’s Lot” and “A Song for Leopold” came to fruition.

At a very young age, Mary Ann Mitchell was introduced to storytelling by her father. Every night at the dinner table, he tickled the family by giving anything and everything a voice, from the salt and pepper shakers to the pink mashed potatoes. Before they knew it, they were into the sad story of how Mashed Potatoes got mashed.

When Mary Ann came home from school each day with an outlandish tale of her adventures, her mother began to worry that her daughter was becoming a great liar and called the doctor. Dr. Goodman assured her, it was just an active imagination.

She has always used storytelling to work out inner struggles, and still does. The two stories being published by Meegenius are no exception. “Dotʼs Lot” was first written in the 70ʼs, and has had more than two dozen revisions. Itʼs about a dandelion who learns to fight for her rights without damaging the earth, or mashing the dreams and lives of others. “Dotʼs Lot” won a Green Book Festival award in 2009. “A Song For Leopold” tackles fear of failure. Leopold, a leaping lizard who is afraid to leap, makes every excuse, until heʼs inspired by Luluʼs love song. Through much research and great good luck, Mary Ann found Sharon Grey and her beautiful illustrations, online. Theyʼve been happily working together ever since.

Mary Ann read about Meegenius in an SCBWI Newsletter and is thrilled to have them publish “Dotʼs Lot”, and “A Song for Leopold”.

Check them out at or in the Apple iTunes store!